Madi & Ryan | First Look Video

We are HUGE believers in having a first look before your wedding day, and there are so many reasons why! It gives you and your lover the time to be able to get all the amazing pictures and bridal footage you want of you in your wedding outfits without the added stress of the time crunch on your wedding day. Its really an amazing opportunity to spend extra time together just the two of you and really soak in the fact that you two are committing to each other forever. It also lets you choose an extra location for instance if you are getting married indoors but really want some pictures showing off your wedding dress against some gorgeous mountain pines. Adding in bridals on the day of the wedding is awesome and can work if needed, but adding in a first look before the date allows you the opportunity to get the most out of your dress, as well as letting you spend more time with friends and family on the day of the actual wedding.

We LOVED getting to spend time with Madi and Ryan before their wedding in a few weeks. These two are completely made for each other and we couldn’t get enough of how in love they are with each other. Check out their first look video below.