kristine + truman | summer wedding [utah wedding & bridal videography]

Everything about this gorgeous Summer wedding at This Is The Place Heritage Park was absolute perfection. Kristine and Truman are the most gorgeous couple! They compliment each other so perfectly, and their vows made everyone at the wedding tear up. We absolutely love how the party they threw to celebrate their love! It suited them to a tee, and we had the best time hanging out with them on their wedding day.  We also love the idea of doing a first look with the groom as well as the Father of the Bride! How sweet is that? These guys are completely amazing. Press Play below to hear their vows and take a look at their gorgeous mountain bridals!

brynlee + michael | summer mountain wedding [utah wedding & bridal videography]

These two are so fun! They had one of the best groups of bridesmaids and groomsmen we've ever gotten to work with. It was such a blast running around with them all day, getting to experience the cool mountain air. What better way to tie the knot then amongst the gorgeous trees up at Snowbird? We are a huge fan of having weddings at the venue there, they always turn out amazing! And guys - you absolutely cannot miss the amazing cake smash these two had! Hands down the best one we've ever seen. It really takes the cake (lol get it?). Not to mention the amazing Mother/Son dance! There are honestly too many amazing parts of this day to list out here, so you'll definitely need to watch to get the full experience. 

Mallory + Nicholas | Boho Bridals

Mallory + Nicholas had the most gorgeous, romantic, simplistic Southern Utah Bridals, complete with a stunning vintage lace dress and intricately detailed bouquet. The way Nicholas looks at Mallory has got to be one of the sweetest things we've ever seen. These two are so in love it was impossible not to feel it radiate in every corner over the room. 

Florist: Albedo Floral
Hair & Makeup: Signature Brides
Ring: Trumpet & Horn
Calligraphy: ZC Calligraphy
Cake: Sprinkle & Dash
Tables & Benches: Autumn Rentals
Venue: The Loft Studio in Lehi
Suit: True Gentleman Supply Co
Dress: Off White Bride


ashley + zachary | april 4th, 2017 [utah wedding & bridal videography]

We are so happy to have met these two sweethearts! They were so kind and welcoming and know how to throw a serious dance party! These two are the epitome of why we do what do - they just radiate a genuine love for each other and we felt so lucky to have been there. Also, working with Talia from Talia Photography was a dream come true! Everything about this day was perfection.

ashley + zachary | first look

We absolutely adore these two! They couldn't have picked a more gorgeous location for their First Look. We definitely got teary-eyed when Zach saw his gorgeous bride for the first time. Ashley is one of the sweetest souls and we love how in-love these two are. We feel so blessed to have met them and be a part of these magical moments. 

bella + jake | winter wedding [utah wedding & bridal videography]

Bella happens to be one of our greatest friends from High School - we danced together with her for 3 years! She is deeply caring, whip smart, and absolutely hilarious. Getting to film her wedding was such an honor! We are so happy Bella found Jake and so grateful for how happy they make each other! (Also, sorry Bella, but insert Twilight: New Moon joke right here.... hahaha). Also, we've said it before and we'll say it again, Winter Weddings are totally underrated! (P.S. Don't miss the amazing balloon send-off at the end of this video!)

Lydia & Derrick | September 01, 2016 [Salt Lake Wedding Videographer]

Say hello to one of the classiest & coolest couples that ever lived! Derrick & Lydia are some of the coolest, most laid back people we have had the pleasure of filming. This Grand America wedding was a stunner. Their wedding day was a completely love-filled occasion. There would be moments where Lydia would be in mid-conversation with a guest, & yet would reach out to gently touch Derrick's arm or wrap his arm around her without even looking his way, making everyone in the room take notice. These subtle acts of love could be found throughout the day & were accompanied by a lot of laughter & sweet smiles from ear to ear. I mean, just watch the video! Have you ever SEEN a happier groom?? Doubtful. Capturing moments like the way Derrick looks at his bride are what makes this job the very best.

CEREMONY: Salt Lake LDS Temple

RECEPTION VENUE: The Grand America Hotel

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Amanda & Sam | First Look

This was our first time shooting at the Salt Flats and let us just say - it was totally worth the two hour drive out there. We couldn't believe what we were missing out on! First look videos are always one of our favorite things to shoot and this one was one of the greats - Sam is seriously in love with Amanda and kept saying to all of us that he couldn't believe he gets to marry her. These are two of the absolute sweetest human beings with a love so genuine you can't miss it. Amanda's sassy, dry quips had us laughing all night (while we weren't basking in the glow of their gorgeous love and that amazing light on the Salt Flats). Check out Sam's reaction and Amanda's gorgeous details of her dress in the video below!

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Aubrey & Tyler | August 12, 2016 [Salt Lake Wedding]

After shooting Aubrey & Tyler's first look video a few weeks before, we couldn't have been more excited to be at their wedding. These two simply have the sweetest love! Being able to hear the speeches at their luncheon about how they met was so special (not to mention the adorable detail of them serving french toast to their guests). Hanging out with them at the temple was a dream because they were so dreamily in love with each other. And can we just talk about how fun the party was? It was a party from beginning to end, and what better way to celebrate the start of their life together. Check out these sweet details below!

Gabriela & Miguel | July 23, 2016 [Utah Wedding Videographer]

Try to imagine with us a bride that was practically glowing & a groom who couldn't keep his eyes off her... add a sweet (& adorable!) little boy & an incredible, kind, & involved family & bridal party & you will have a small idea of how wonderful this wedding was! Both Gabriela & Miguel have a sweet & humble demeanor & the love they share is so sweet. Gabriela, Miguel & little Mateo make the cutest crew, right? When we weren't marveling at the sweetness of this little family, we were in love with the romantic details of their reception - everything was so lovely. It's amazing when couples incorporate their own personal touches born from their culture into their weddings. It makes the day so special. Congratulations to the new Wu family!

CEREMONY: Salt Lake LDS Temple

RECEPTION VENUE: Cactus & Tropicals of Draper

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Danielle & David | July 09, 2016 [Destination Wedding Videographer]

What could be better than this wild-hearted mountain wedding?? This wedding day was full to the brim of warmth & love & it was truly an honor to be there to witness it! A lovely & flower-crowned Danielle & the sweet & dapper David brought their Floridian families here to Park City for their amazing destination wedding. Park City holds a special place in both of their hearts & the Park City Mountain Resort was the perfect backdrop to their perfect day. Every little detail, the  held personal meaning to this lovely couple. David even made that amazing ring box! Weddings like this are what dreams are made of. 

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Aubrey & Tyler | First Look

These two! I'm pretty sure we didn't talk about anything else on the car ride home from Tibble Fork following this first look ... it was that special. Aubrey makes a jaw-dropping bride, right? Poor Tyler had to wait for Aubrey to cross the field in anticipation & mentioned more than once that he was "so ready to see her, but hasn't been this nervous before" in his life! This goes down in Moonstruck history as one of the best first looks to date. What is sweeter than seeing the love of our life in their wedding dress for the first time? 

Stay tuned for their sweet wedding. Aubrey & Tyler, you two are so lovely!

Looking for a videography team for your wedding? Moonstruck Pictures is based in Salt Lake City, Utah & available for worldwide travel. Contact us & we can chat about your special day!

Kylee + Jon | First Look

These two lovers got married yesterday which means we are so excited to finally get to share their first look video with you! These two have just the cutest love story; the horse in the video is Kylee's and was actually how Jon proposed to her! It was so special to be able to include him in their video together. This was our first time working with a horse in video and it was pretty challenging and yet turned out to be so beautiful. First looks have got to be one of our favorite things to do, and usually shed a tear or two at that moment when the groom finally gets to see his beautiful bride. The love in that moment is so real. We feel so lucky to have been able to be there for Kylee and Jon's first look reveal and wish them a huge congratulations on their marriage! These two are so perfect for each other. Check out their moment below! 

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Ashleigh & Tanner | May 20, 2016 [Utah Wedding & Bridal Videography]

Oh man, this wedding, you guys... The love that Ashleigh & Tanner have for each other is so radiant that it was impossible not to feel it in every aspect of their day. They had such a stunning location with some of the most gorgeous floral arrangements we had ever seen. Their ceremony went perfectly, even with the little bit of rain that came down right before their first kiss. We also may have shed a few tears at their first dance.... It was truly a beautiful day for such a beautiful and incredibly in-love couple. Come re-live it with us down below!

Venue: The Riter Mansion - Logan, Utah

Florals: Dahlia Event Planning

Wedding Cake: Temptation Cupcake - Logan, Utah

Photography: Developing Bliss



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Jessica & Alex | June 4, 2016 [salt lake wedding]

One of our favorite things about Jessica & Alex is that you could tell how much they love to have fun together! Funny story - Jessica & I were actually bridesmaids together in a mutual friend's wedding the previous year, but didn't realize it until we met up again at her own wedding! Jessica looked like a real life princess and you could tell Alex thought the same thing when he looked at his new wife. The mountaintop scenery was seriously stunning and the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous bride & groom. We are so grateful to have been part of this amazing ceremony and witness the start of this amazing couple's life together.

Location: Snowbird Ski Resort

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At home with Emily Meyers of The Freckled Fox

I had the amazing opportunity to drive up to Idaho with one of my dear friends (Morgan of In Frames Photography) to capture the sweetest lifestyle session for Mother's Day with Emily Meyers of The Freckled Fox. Despite the fact that she had five littles running around and a sick husband to care for, Emily was gracious and beautiful and so so welcoming. And don't even get me started on those littles; they are the sweetest bunch I've ever seen. She had neighbors dropping in un-announced throughout the entire day offering food or to take her kids for her, which is just a testament to how incredibly loved the Meyers family is. The love Emily has for her children and for Martin is plain and clear as day and I felt so lucky to be able to be there with them that day. Emily's faith and love radiates. If you have a moment, please check out this website to learn more about Emily and Martin's story together. And in the meantime, take a minute to watch this clip of her beautiful family. 

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Spring Fever - Utah Bridal & Wedding Videography

Arguably, one of the best moments of each year is the one you are first able to *officially* ditch your boots in favor of bare feet & step outside onto the ever greening grass. The sunshine is warmer, the birds are happily chirping, the flowers are blooming, & everything around you acts as an invitation to get yourself outside!

As videographers, there is no greater invitation. 

Bridal videos are like video candy.

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Casual Colie - Utah Fashion Blogger Look Book

Imagine a person with an incredibly sunny disposition & a healthy dose of not-taking-themselves-too-seriously & you've got a pretty great idea of who Nicole Rodriguez is. When Nicole of Casual Colie reached out to us, we were terrifically excited - this girl is the very definition of sweet. Her blog contains fashion & beauty tips for your everyday girl, with heavy emphasis on minimalism & affordability. This totally rad bomber jacket from Brandy Melville served as the inspiration for this short look book. Check out her blog for more of her thoughts on these looks!



Hello There!

Welcome to our brand new website! 

We are just SO excited about this new launch! It's a nerve-wracking new adventure we are embarking on but we couldn't be more happy to be doing what we love and working with all of the amazing people we get to meet! We have both loved to make films our entire time growing up and feel so lucky to be able to be doing it together now. We can't wait to keep getting better at what we do and meeting even more amazing people.

New posts are coming soon, so stay tuned!

L O V E,
A & H

chelsea + dylan | winter wedding [utah wedding & bridal videography]

This was our first time filming at Wadley Farms and are absolutely in love with the winter wedding magic! We were also lucky enough to be able to meet and shoot with Becky from Ravenberg Photography and had such a great time! Becky is amazing and every single photo she took of this day turned out amazingly.

Chelsea + Dylan honestly had the very very best vows we've heard in a long time. Their ceremony was so sweet and authentic. We also definitely cried during their first dance. Theres just something about two people finding and loving each other in such an understanding and real way. These two met at the University of Utah in a science class they were both taking, and to hear about how shy Dylan was and how outgoing Chelsea was to get to know him was hilarious and heart-warming to hear. These two are truly meant to be, not only because they work so well together and are each others best friends, but because they know what it takes to make a strong relationship and are both so committed to each other. We feel so honored to have been at their wedding. (These two are also our twins in music taste so this video was such a blast to edit!)